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Surprise Fabric Cloth Sanitary Pads

Surprise Fabric Cloth Sanitary Pads

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If you don’t care what pattern you wear against your skin during your period, this is the choice for you!  Just choose the size and absorbency you’d like and leave the rest to me.

Cloth Sanitary Protection is so comfortable during your period, is a more sustainable choice than disposable and in the long term is more economical.

 If you are choosing CSP for the first time and want to chat through the options, don't hesitate to contact me for a chat! 



Outer - The organic jersey print is worn against your skin, this is soft and comfortable.

Core - The core is dependent on the absorbency level that you have chosen.
Liners have no extra core.

Light absorbency have one layer of cotton or bamboo terry.

Moderate absorbency have 2 layers of bamboo and/or cotton terry.

Finally, Heavy absorbency have a layer of zorb (this is a fabric made specifically for it's absorbing qualities) and hemp.

Backing - The back is made of polar fleece, which helps to keep the wetness away from your underwear.


Washing and Care of your CSP:

CSP may need 4-5 washes before it is fully absorbent.

DO NOT use fabric softener as this inhibits absorbency.

Keep used CSP in a wetbag or lidded container until ready to wash.

Rinse in cold water before washing to stop stains setting and then wash with your normal wash.

Washing up to 40 degrees is recommended to prolong the life of your pads, however washing at 60 degrees would be recommended if there is any infection risk.

Line dry or tumble dry on low.


No returns are accepted to to the personal/hygiene nature of this product but please contact me if there are any issues at all.