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Aaargh! I've got a hole!

Fear not! If your clothes are damaged... I wanted to highlight some services I offer that you might not be aware of?

Even if you treat your clothes badly, I would put a decent bet on the fact that your Badger and Bear clothes will still outlast any fast fashion.

But let's be honest, these clothes are super special and I'm sure you want to know some ways to make them last longer!

There's a HUGE service that you need to know about. If you get holes in your Badger and Bear clothing, depending on where they are, I might be able to help you!

So what can I fix? The damage that I see most often is holes on the knees of trousers and leggings, these clothes are perfect for play and active lives but accidents do happen. Kids sliding down skate park ramps, falling and scuffing knees or mums of toddlers spending their time in bright leggings on their knees, following the kids around... worn knees are a hazard! You can send these items back to me at Badger and Bear and I will cut the trousers off at the hole, hem them and you'll have a gorgeous new pair of shorts. This will also work for damaged cuffs or sleeves with holes. And I do this for free, because I don't want clothes that I've made going to waste. You just need to cover the cost of postage both ways.

These bug trousers were sewn in 2022, they've had 2 years of vigorous wear and after a final tumble on a concrete path had a big hole in the knee... They are beloved and will now have an extra summer as shorts (or maybe two of wear with this busy kid!)

This also works fantastically well for ankle swinging trousers, if you don't have siblings or friends to hand down to, I will be happy to shorten outgrown trousers into shorts .

I can also sew up holes along worn seams. There is caveat though. Those seams are often wearing away for a reason and I'm removing a little more material to fix them. So this fix won't last forever but it will give those clothes extra life by doing so!

I recently fixed my own 3 year old joggers, they had split on the thigh seam and have lasted another 6 months with no sign of pulling apart yet. These beloved trousers would have ended up being upcycled or recycled but are now still part of my weekly wear! Once again, this is free for your Badger and Bear clothes, just for the cost of postage. 

Another service that I offer is to replace worn cuffs or waistbands if your kids worry/chew on them or add a longer cuff for a longer life. This cost of this service will depend on the individual item but starts at £5 plus postage for small cuffs.

If you have holes in places that I can't fix, bottoms sliding along concrete is a classic for example, there are some great iron on patches available to buy. Stretch fabrics don't fray so covering them with something cute will help protect the hole and look great! A quick search for iron on patches in Etsy brought up some cute examples!

If you have damage to your clothing and aren't sure if I can help? Pop me a message via the website or social media and ask, I'm happy to help!

Check back soon for more tips on keeping your Badger and Bear clothes looking great.

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