WELCOME! Turnaround for items made instock fabric is 2 weeks. Preorders take 10-12 weeks due to fabric printing time first. Use the code LAYAWAY at the checkout to pay 50% now and receive an invoice when I'm ready to make your items.

About Us

my passion for making clothing all started in 2017 by making fancy dress costumes for my 2 young children and I was soon hooked by the thrill of turning out a few strips of sewn material to find they'd become a real outfit!

Once I started working with stretchy fabrics, I fell in love with them, particularly for my eldest son who was tall, slim and continuously sporting a builders bum in shop bought clothing combined with a love of glittery unicorns, something that seemed completely impossible to find in the 'boys' section of the clothing stores!

Our clothes were practical, fun and got brighter and brighter as the kids chose their favorite combinations, friends started to ask if I could make something for them and strangers stopped us in the street or at parties to find out where we'd got them....And so, Badger and Bear was born!

Things have changed slightly over the last few years. It's still just me, Kelly, supported by Mr Badger, working into the wee hours putting love into your outfits whilst chasing (now) 3 energetic children all day. Over time though, I've also learned the value of a well fitted outfit for adults. After spending a lifetime feeling that I was the wrong shape for fashion, I've realised that actually a size 12, 18, 22, really means very little and, with some tweaks to fit those unique curves, your clothing looks and feels amazing instead of just 'alright'.

Most fabrics I offer are now exclusively found here at Badger and Bear, many designed specifically drawn for us by incredibly talented pattern designers and inspired by ideas from the kids and by customers themselves!

Have a look around and join us over at the Facebook or Instagram pages for lots ideas and inspiration!